Modern and adaptable Gardening & DIY products

The products offered by Upyard will allow you to supplement your product range with high-quality and garden enthusiast-demanded products that can be used to improve outdoor spaces.


Gardening products

Our garden products not only make the gardening experience easier but also create a visually aesthetic overview. Three different lines are available, from which everyone will be able to find the one that suits them best. We have also expanded the selection with functional accessories.


Wooden houses & Sheds

Upyard offers two-line garden houses in different sizes, as well as wooden sheds for outdoor landscaping. Our wooden structures are easy to assemble and are an ideal solution for storing things and adding a comfortable and natural living environment to your garden.


About Upyard

The Upyard offers a broad and continually growing collection of gardening tools, accessories, wooden houses, and sheds. Our products are distributed in over 15 countries worldwide. By learning and improving together with KRONUS, the leader in the production of wooden packaging, we are confident that we are able to provide the highest quality products.

For business


Upyard products are created by gardening enthusiasts for gardeners to make gardening not only a hobby, but we won’t be able to do it without our partners in DIY retail industry. We are proud to work with leading DIY retail chains across more than 15 countries and are always open for new partnership opportunities. Let’s change gardening together!


DIY Retail focused


Our products are for end-users, but Upyard is focused on working with the DIY retail industry. We constantly work on our product portfolio and merchandising support to offer our partners products of the highest quality, that are easy to sell and offer opportunities to develop cross-selling of aligned categories.


Manufacturing experience meets Gardening


Being an offshoot of Kronus – one of the leading wooden packaging producers in the world we have unique access to more than 25 years of manufacturing experience. Our production facilities located in Riga, Latvia are 80% automated and take up more then 11 football fields, ensuring that we can satisfy even the highest demands in terms of quantity and quality of the products. Our material supply is certified for sustainability and management efficiency, so we are sure when we say that all Upyard products are made of responsibly sourced Nordic softwood.

Why work with us


Production capacity

Our production facilities are the size of 11 football fields and 80% ensuring industry leading production capacity and ability to cover peaks in demand.


Quality control

We ensure the consistent quality by inspecting products at every stage of manufacturing through a combination of automatic scanning and laser diagnostics and checks by our team.



Our approach to manufacturing, from sourcing sustainable materials to efficient management system to elaborate quality control system are supported by internationally recognized certificates.

Product ecosystem

Product ecosystem

Upyard constantly works on expanding its product range with the aim of building an ecosystem of products offering gardeners a chance to create their garden of dream and providing our retail clients with a complete product package that enables cross-selling.

Flexible logistics

Flexible logistics

Our background in industrial packaging industry with its demanding supply chains means we have experience in developing complex logistics solutions, be it targeted part-load deliveries, dropshipping or EDI integrations.

Marketing support

Marketing support

Upyard clients receive our products ready for sale in a thought through stylish packaging and we are constantly working on the support materials to further support our client sales. Production under white label is also available, subject to volumes.


Made with Earth in mind

We feel a connection to nature and a responsibility for our environmental impact. We pride ourselves on having internationally certified manufacturing processes, ensuring our products are made only using sustainably obtained materials and components.

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